Excursions from Batumi. Best sightseeing in Georgia

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To our mind, the list of excursions where to go in Georgia specified below is the best for the first introductory tour in Georgia. These tours will give you an opportunity to see the main sights, to visit several regions from Batumi, to get a general idea what Georgia is like and will inspire you to come back to this country.


  • Start of the city tour - 16:50
  • Duration - 4 hours

A car city tour will introduce Batumi top attractions to you just in a few hours. We have planned a fascinating trip among the monuments of architecture in the streets of Old Batumi for you. Without exaggerating, Batumi is a beautiful and neat city not spoilt with billboards and kiosks. Besides multiple restored ancient buildings (even Soviet houses have been turned into interesting objects of architecture – the photo above), there are many extraordinary constructions here, as if from some sci fi movies.

Thus, the main building of the local bureaucracy, the House of Justice resembles a bottle turned upside down. The huge tower of Technological University hosts its own Ferris wheel on its upper stores, and the local MacDonald’s looks like a cosmic station so it is worth visiting even simply to see it.

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2. Excursion from Batumi in ADJARA (HISTORICAL)

  • Departure from Batumi - 10:00
  • Return to Batumi - 14:00

The incredible atmosphere of the Middle Ages, the beauty and majesty of the mountains, the sea coast - all this is harmoniously combined in the magnificent Adjara. Green all year round and washed by the Black Sea, this ancient land at the foot of the mountain ranges of the Small Caucasus is extremely picturesque and authentic. The majestic nature and a mild climate reign here.

Sea beaches, mountain ranges, velvet forests, crystal waterfalls, stone gorges, bottomless lakes, foamy rivers and many other nature wonders are located in this small piece of land. It is one of the most interesting places in Georgia.

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3. Tour from Batumi to Machakhela gorge (historical and adventure)

  • Departure from Batumi - 09:00
  • Return to Batumi - 14:00

A fascinating tour to the Machakhela gorge will give you unforgettable impressions. The Machakhela reserve is located on the border with Turkey and is a historical monument of Georgia. You will see its authentic nature, mountain river with hanging bridges, waterfall, enchanting mountain slopes and the road leading to the sky. Also you will visit a museum telling about the ancient culture and way of life, fortresses and old armour. You will experience a photo shoot in national Georgian costumes, a picnic outdoors, the hospitality of the local people and much more.

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  • Departure from Batumi - 09:00
  • Return to Batumi - 14:00

The main advantages and attractions of the reserve are its healing mineral springs. The reserve is also rich in a variety of plants that are found only in these places. You will wander through the magnificent Kolkhida forest and boxwood grove, will be able to enjoy picnics outdoors.

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  • Departure from Batumi - 08:00
  • Return to Batumi - 19:00

You are welcome to see the unique places of Imereti with your own eyes. There are monuments of the medieval architecture among them, to mention the Prometheus cave, equipped with modern sound and light effects, as well as the Sataplia cave making this place one of the best for sightseeing in Georgia.

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6. Excursion from Batumi to BORJOMI (VARDZIA, RABAT)

  • Departure from Batumi - 06:00
  • Return to Batumi - 22:00

During your visit to the old Zarzma monastery, a monument of Georgian architecture, you will see its unique buildings, frescoes and ornaments.

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7. Batumi Svaneti tour

  • Departure from Batumi - Early
  • Duration - 2 days

Svaneti is a wonderful mountainous region with alluring peaks. You will be able to see it from a bird's eye view ascending by a cable car. One could not imagine Svaneti without its native people, the Svans. The freedom loving mountain population of Upper Svaneti has been always considered to be the best warriors in the Caucasus. The Greek geographer Strabo wrote about them, “The Svans are powerful people, the bravest and the most courageous in the world”. They never conquered anyone but they would stand till the last drop of their blood for their native land. The Svans built their famous towers to protect themselves from Georgian kings who wanted to take their pastures or to protect their brides from the neighbouring men.

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  • Departure from Batumi - 09:00
  • Return to Batumi - 18:00

Martvili Canyon — Georgia natural attractions — a truly breathtaking! You will enjoy to your hearts amazing beauty of these places, go on a boat trip. In Martvili is an old monastery, consisting of the main temple of the 7th-10th centuries, the church of Mtsira Chikvani (10th century), the pillar (11th century) and the enclosing wall with secondary buildings. In the church of Mtsira Chikvani, the Chikvani family was buried. To him you can climb the cable car! In addition, after visiting the monastery, you can swim on the Abash River!

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  • Departure from Batumi - 10:00
  • Return to Batumi - 15:00

Wine in Georgia is not just a drink, it is the implementation of culture and history of Georgian people. During a wine tasting tour, you will see how the Georgian wine is born and will learn some of the secrets of its manufacturing.

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