GORI — Uplistsikhe

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Gori - a birthplace of Stalin who rocked the history of the 20th century, the famous "Great Leader" . Museum of his name offers to see rare exhibits. History presents him as formidable and inflexible human, but during childhood and adolescence powerful leader wrote poetry ... Would you like to read?

Uplistsikhe — the cave city.

10 km from Gori is one of the oldest settlements in Georgia - the cave city Uplistsikhe. Even today it amazes with its greatness and power. This is not surprising. After all, the name Uplistsikhe can be translated as the Lords of the fortress (according to other sources the fortress of God). And rulers for themselves did not build wrong)). An interesting feature of this tour, if coming here in the warmer months, will be the only inhabitants of this city you will find — the Caucasian salamanders.

The first mention of Uplistsikhe dates back to the X century BC. Today for the eyes of tourists are open more than a hundred caves and buildings and inspection will take several hours. Just imagine that once here was about seven hundred of them!

Improving these structures over time, history will present them to us in this way: Hall, in which once Queen Tamara had her throne, wine storage (a kind of stone kvevri), a pharmacy, an amphitheater, tanks for collecting water, a tunnel to the river, which served as a trail for people to get down to fetch water and, at the same time, the way for city residents to be rescued from attacks of the invaders.

And we can only rejoice that the city was carved out of rocks. Because only a stone could survive many wars and natural disasters in more than three thousand years.

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  • Guide services

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  • Raincoats in a case of rain
  • Water 0,5 l
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