Vacation in Best Resorts in Georgia

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Georgia is a country which loves its visitors!

Only our people say that each guest is a messenger of God. This is the country where you will be welcomed with love. Many people will ask why namely Georgia. The answer is very simple: because there you will find love and warmth that sometimes each of us misses so much. Love for the country, the family, the guest.

We are "42 Meridian tour operator" and we want to introduce you to Georgia! Not only to its dancing, cuisine and great history but also to its love.

The Best Vacation Spots in Georgia

There can be many answers to the question “Where to travel in Georgia?” We offer a wide range of different places in Georgia for the your vacation in Georgia.


If in summer, when the heat reaches its climax, you wish to build a snowman or play snowball fight – the best resorts in Georgia are waiting for you. For example, wonderful Svaneti with “white peak” Tetnuldi, ancient Svan towers, Dali ravine and mountain extreme. And with luck you will manage to go skiing or be snowboarding. It is one of the excellent vacation resorts in Georgia. Also here Ushguli, the highest continuously inhabited settlement in Europe, is located and from it you can have a look at Europe at large from a bird`s perspective. If you don`t fear menacing Caucasian rivers, you can assay your strength in rafting.


History of the ancient Georgian martial art goes back hundreds of years and its home is here, behind the clouds, closer to the sun – in Pshavi-Khevsureti. And highlanders will bring you up to speed on the Georgian martial art with which this small but very proud and strong nation won many great battles.

Samegrelo was a part of ancient Colchis. Namely this region was described by Homer in his Odyssey after his travel to Georgia. Herodotus supposed that Colchians were descendants of ancient Egyptians. Some ancient Greek writers also said that Colchians were descendants of Japheth, one of the sons of Noah. Furthermore, everybody acknowledged that at that time Colchis was one the most strong and rich states. Graves and artifacts discovered in excavation sites support this opinion. And imagine what kind of impression you will get when you will visit Colchis – the region which has been made its way from the great kingdom to Georgian region Samegrelo. And if you go to Dadiani Palace and Martvili canyon which arose million years ago, you will see for yourself that your choice was right... Colchis, one of the great vacation destinations in Georgia is waiting for you!

Many people heard about Turkish Cappadocia with its rocky cities but Georgian Vardzia sprang up much earlier. This place cut into the rock, to which only wind blowing free can get, is located in Samtskhe-Javakheti. It was built by Tamar the Great, the legendary Queen of Georgia over the apex of the Georgian Golden Age. Having taken a walk in this cave city, you will found yourself a contemporary of that age.


Where Else to Go in Georgia?

Let`s take a look at other best places to vacation in Georgia.

Racha-Lechkhumi, very beautiful region in Georgia is rich in historical monuments. Apart from amazing mountain and woodland scenes, the distinction of this region is that there Caucasian brown bears harbor and special trout species live in cold mountain rivers. And it means that hunters and fishermen will have stuff to do. If you taste Racha ham and local Hvanchkara wine you will probably not really want to leave this place.

Guria. We will not speak much about this wonderful Georgian corner, just trust us and start out for Guria. All it takes is Guria humor in order that you will leave with unforgettable experience! Travel to Georgia and this place will stand out in your mind.

Popular resorts in Georgia among which of course there is Adjara will help you to learn more about the country`s history. The Eastern Orthodox Church in Georgia had been spread from here. The most ancient grape varieties are grown in this ancient corner of Georgia and you have unforgettable local wines tasting ahead of you.

It is said that in mountains of Adjara, 2000 meters above sea-level, people discover ruins of ancient ships even today and this shows one more time that our history is very rich and Georgian sights are very unique.

Imereti. What will you see in the heart of our country?! Sataplia Nature Reserve, dinosaur ichnogenera. Journey to ancient, prehistoric world. All this will be interesting for you if you are going to travel to Georgia with your children. Shorapani fortress of the antique age, ancient ruins of Vani legend town, Motsameta Monastery and Gelati monastic complex that were built by David the Builder, the greatest king of Georgia of all times, and Bagrati Cathedral will bring you back to bright and great past of a country. Imeritian feast, humor and hospitality is the separate matter and it is worth not to speak about this but simply see and feel this by oneself. If you decide to be on holidays in Georgia you will never be sorry. It is absolutely one of the best vacation spots in Georgia!


Kartli. Pharnavaz I, the first king of Georgia, created the Georgian script which is one of the most ancient scripts along with 14 scripts of the world. And also there is a place in Kartli where white and black Aragvi Rivers meet. And this meeting is connected with very good love legend. But we will tell you about it only when we meet!

Kakheti. Beautiful spots of Georgia, ancient fortresses, palaces...Udjarma, Alaverdi, Ninotsminda, Gremi are waiting for you... This is one of the corners which was always the shield of the country and survived many battles and wars. Each fortress will tell you about its past if you listen to its voice. And beautiful song “Chakrulo” which was sent to space as a sign of human kindness and eternity will tell you about harmonized music of the Georgians. This song was recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage...But rest in Georgia means one more thing.

Kakheti is a well-known winemaking region! Only there you can taste wines produced in kvevris, large earthenware vessels, in accordance with ancient traditions. Each lover of wine will find this beverage by own preference because more than 500 grape varieties are grown there. And this is unsurprisingly because Georgia is the motherland of grape and wine! Archaeologists still discover ancient earthenware full of wine. Along with wine Cahetians will certainly treat you to shashlik cooked over grape vines.


To get more impressions you also need to look for interesting vacation rentals in Georgia. The great thing is that they are very budget-friendly!

Your Holidays in Georgia with Us Will Be Inimitable.

Planet Earth, Meridian 42. Here we are. Here Georgia is located. And it is ready to share secrets of its heart with you.

We will not insist that you will miss much if you don`t travel to Georgia and we will not remind of how much you will be sorry if you pass by this wonderful country.

Do you want to have an unforgettable experience? The choice is yours. We are waiting for you!