Best places of Georgia’s Black Sea beaches

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Georgia’s Black Sea beaches are a vast territory 315 kilometers long (including Abkhazia) known for its warm summers. The climatic conditions are favourable for swimming in the sea during 5-7 months in a year, and for climate therapy – all year round. The best family resorts in Georgia welcome visitors and are known for their high performance service.

The sea coast in Adzharia is popular with tourists visiting Georgia and is peculiar for its various resort zones.



Batumi is one of the most popular touristic destinations of the Black Sea in Georgia. This city combines different ages and religions, modern and ancient architecture. Batumi Boulevard is the main attraction in the city. As for now, it stretches for 7 kilometers already and is conditionally divided into new and old. An amazingly beautiful park was decorated with modern sculptures, original benches and fountains during last years. This is the area of luxury resorts in Georgia.

The city is located in the subtropical climate zone. Thousands of tourists come here every year not only from Georgia but from all over the world. Batumi was titled as the best touristic destination of the year by the American Academy of Hospitality in 2012. Batumi is changing its face today. New hotels, touristic and sports locations are built. A luxury shopping mall-gallery with pools, a yacht-club and attractions for children is constructed there. So it is one of the best family resorts in Georgia. Numerous international events and festivals are held in the city every year.

Green Cape

One of the most beautiful sea resorts in Georgia – Green Cape or Mtsvane-Kontskhi is located nine kilometers off Batumi. It is one of the most popular recreation places, both for visitors and the local people. The name of Green Cape originates from its eternally green cover. The climate in the resort is subtropical, extremely warm and humid which is favourable for tropical plants growing there in abundance.

Land improving began at the end of the 19th century here. The Batumi botanical garden was planted on the fascinating slopes of Green Cape. It is world important and welcomes thousands of guests every year. The coast line of the cape is amazingly picturesque. Its shallow pebble beaches are always crowded and provide such leisure activities as diving and surfing. Its wild rocky beaches welcome the fans of extreme and adventures.


Kobuleti is a real pearl of Adzharia and one of the most famous Black Sea resorts in Georgia. The resort is located in the Kolkhida lowland and differs from other sea resorts of the area with its peculiar microclimate. People come here to get the sun tan on the clean pebble beach, to breathe the fresh sea air, to enjoy the wonderful landscapes and of course to improve their health.

The resort zone of Kobuleti is situated 20 kilometers off Batumi stretching for over 10 kilometers along the seacoast.

The resort is known for its mild subtropical climate, ionized air, pine forests, hot sun and warm sea recommended both for recreation and treatment. The beaches of this area are municipal like everywhere in Georgia, and correspondingly, they are clean. Small pebbles and the pure sea give pleasure from the relaxation on the beaches with unique natural properties of black magnetic sands. As for now, such methods of treatment as thalassotherapy or the therapy using the sea and the sea air are widely utilized there.


Chakvi is an entirely green small resort located on the Black Sea coast in Georgia, namely in Adzharia, 17 kilometers off Batumi. It is one of the best beach resorts in Georgia. The beach in Chakvi is pebbled, with some sand at the waterline consisting mostly of small shells and stones. The name of the resort is associated with tea. The tea culture has been developed here since ancient times and that is why this resort is called the capital of the Georgian tea. One may see huge tea plantations in Chakvi expanding quite a big territory. Besides, one may enjoy the view of Japanese tangerine and bamboo plantations there.


Gonio is one of the resorts in Georgia on the beach. Besides the pure sea and mountains, tourists coming to Gonio are attracted by the eucalyptus garden located along the road and giving the people a curative aroma beneficial for health. The beach has big pebbles as everywhere around Batumi. What is more, the tourists coming to Gonio which is located 11 kilometers off Batumi are interested in the ruins of the old fortress with the same name.

The Gonio fortress (or the Gonio-Apsaros fortress) is the oldest one in Georgia. The history of the fortress dates back to several thousand years. The oldest archeological strata discovered by archeologists on the fortress territory go back to the 15th-17th centuries BC. Taking into account its huge historical and cultural significance, the Georgian Government proclaimed it a museum-reserve area in 1994.


Ureki is one of the most popular climatic Georgia’s Black Sea resorts located in the area of Ozurgeti (Western Georgia) 50 kilometers off Batumi. As the warm Black Sea is very near, the climate there is humid subtropical. The Ureki shore coast is a line of pine and eucalyptus forests with its peculiar intoxicating aroma which is even more special combined with the sea air.
The Black Sea in Georgia is a real nature wonder.

Rich gifts of nature – the sea, the sun, the fine velvet sand having magnetic properties – make the resort of Ureki a unique place for active leisure and treatment. Unlike other Black Sea resorts, it has sandy beaches. And not just sandy – its fine sand is enriched with magnetite which is called magnetic sands. People come here to improve their health. Doctors state that the curative magnetic sands of Ureki are beneficial while treating the locomotor apparatus and the nervous system issues.